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High Speed Data Routers Increase Employee Productivity

When it comes to networking, routing is the process of looking at the packets (information) flowing through it, deciding where they need to go, then selecting the best paths to get it there. Routers perform the “traffic directing” functions, on the internet and within your company.

For example, if one of the users on your company’s network wants to visit a website, the user sends the request, via their browser, to the router which, in turn, sends it to the cable modem and connects the user to the website they requested. Another example of data routers in action is when an employee wants to copy a file, from another computer in your company. The router sends the packets between the two local computers, allowing files to be transported across the network, effortlessly and seamlessly.

Since every business’ requirements are different, the consultants at Clarus Communications take the time to review every aspect of your current and future router needs and match them to the best provider. Because we have one of the largest technology services options in the country, we can ensure you are investing in the latest technology to grow your business.

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