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If there's one term that you must understand when negotiating software licensing, it's End User License Agreement, otherwise known as EULA. If you hold the rights to the software, you enter this contractual agreement as the license holder. If you're interested in using software maintained by someone ... Read More
November 3, 2015Chris Torbit
Software is what makes our computers run. From the operating system to the tools, we use on a daily basis for work or at home. All of that software was created by someone (a software development company, usually, but with the advent of apps on smartphones, it could be developed ... Read More
October 27, 2015Chris Torbit
You think you know Business Software Licensing, but here is a trio of things you may not know. Why do I need a business software license?: Business software licensing authorizes you to use software code that someone else owns. If your business uses ... Read More
October 16, 2015Chris Torbit
While choosing your business software was at one time as simple as finding the best product and buying it for a one-time fee, the realities of the increasingly dominant software-as-a-service business model as well as the necessity of live-updates to counter growing cybersecurity threats has created the administrative nightmare of business software ... Read More
October 16, 2015Chris Torbit
There are different software licensing policies available in the market. All the technology firms made their own customized policies. However, some of the points are common in almost all of these. It will be possible to use the product even if the software licensing of that product has ... Read More
May 13, 2014Chris Torbit